WTH at the Localization World 2011

Localization World 2011, Barcelona

On June 14-16, 2011 the Localization World conference, one of the most important conferences in the localization industry, took place. This year’s Barcelona was chosen as a hosting city. The three days full of information exchange, networking, social events and, of course, ELIA Social Hour, left the best impression on us.

Here are some of our thoughts about selected presentations.

“Global City(Ville) of 100 Million” presented by Danica Brinton (Zynga Inc.) was a very good business case showing the potential hidden in game localization. We were pretty impressed by the speed of both establishing the localization processes in the organization and the market share growth achieved by Zynga as a result of their localization. Encouraged by the results, Zynga introduces more and more languages.

“The SAP’s 360° Approach to Web Localization” presented by Rashmi Schaefers (SAP) and Hajo von Kracht (SAP) about localization being the strategic driver for the business from the point of view of the truly global organization. As an SAP Language Service Partner, we are involved in SAP’s holistic localization process and we already know and understand the strategic importance of localization to SAP, a company which has set its goal to reach 1 billion users by 2015.

We would like to thank the organizers, the presenters and the attendees for making the LocWorld conference an unforgettable event.

The comprehensive photo-report from this year’s conference is available on our blog.