WTH at the Localization World 2010 conference

Localization World 2010, Berlin

On June 8-9, 2010 in Berlin the annual Localization World conference took place. This is one of the most important conferences in the localization industry.

“Know-how for Global Success” was the main topic this year. The invited speakers – leading experts from the localization industry – shared their deep theoretical knowledge, as well as practical experience.

Our attention was drawn by “Gazing Into the Crystal Ball: Future of the Industry” – a very interesting discussion panel. The panelists shared their visions about the development of the industry and tried to predict the changes that may occur on this market.

Tracking and adopting to the market changes is crucial for the agency development. And the awareness of the forthcoming challenges enables proper preparation and responsiveness.

We have enjoyed the ELIA Social Hour a lot! It was a relaxing and networking event, at which quality German beer, a wide selection of spirits and sugary goodies were served. The spirits and sweets were provided by ELIA members and were characteristic of the countries where the companies were based.

We would like to thank for interesting topics and long discussions.

See you next year at Localization World!

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