WTH at TM Europe and the PSBT quarterly meeting

WTH at TM-Europe and the PSBT quarterly meeting

The representatives of Wratislavia Translation House have participated in the TM-Europe conference already for the third time. This year the conference was held in Warsaw and it was focused on the process management in the translation and localization industry as well as on the industry standards. Many interesting discussions, plenty of conversations with the industry representatives and inspiring knowledge exchange took place during the conference.

A day before the conference – on September 28th, 2011 – the quarterly meeting of the Polish Association of Translation Companies (PSBT) members was held. As announced recently, our company Wratislavia Translation House became a member of the Association and for the first time participated in the quarterly meeting as a rightful PSBT member. We would like to thank the representatives of other associated translation agencies for the warm welcome we received and for the introduction into the current issues.

The quarterly meeting of PSBT members is a very good opportunity to get to know each other better, to exchange experience and discuss about all kinds of problems crucial for the translation industry in Poland. The day ended with a very pleasant event celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PSBT, with the representatives of industry associations as well as guests from Poland and abroad taking part in it. During the event the translators of merit were presented with awards.

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About TM-Europe
TM-Europe is an international translation industry conference with the patronage of the Polish Association of Translation Companies in Poland.

About PSBT
The Polish Association of Translation Companies (PSBT) was established in 2001. The PSBT is the only industry organization representing professional translation and localization service providers in Poland.